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Carlos Jiménez Velado (Carlos JV)
Nationality: Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua
Location: North America and Central America

I'm a visual artist, Web - APPS developer and Internet entrepreneur, in development towards a better expression of myself in this existence. The medium: the visual arts supported by digital media and life.


The creative energy is a natural part of every human being; it relates the heart, the conscience and the spirit with the universe around. The need to express that energy is what leads me to the action of materializing. That action frees me and relates me with the existence.


I try to create a journey into imagination, provoke sensations that bring something positive through their observation and, in some cases, to visually show the dark side of the universe to appreciate and reflect on it. I am seeking to encourage the work in the areas of human expression to get to the true understanding of our nature and thus achieve a better life.



-Audiovisual media oriented towards digital animation (Centro de Arte Audiovisual [CAAV], Guadalajara, Jalisco, México)

-Digital animation (Centro Universitario de Arte y Animación digital [CUAAM] (State project), Guadalajara, Jalisco, México)


-Diploma in Storyboards with Mark Simon, 2009 (Project Batallon 52, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Diploma in Character Design with Shawn Colbeck, 2009 (Project Batallon 52, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Diploma Introduction to character design with Harmony with Jean Raymond, 2009 (Project Batallon 52, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Diploma in Cinematic language with Ernesto Macip, 2009 (Project Batallon 52, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)


-Live sound for movies workshop with Miguel Chavez Navarro, 2016 (Project Encuentros Cinematográficos, El Sindicato Film House and Nuestra América, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-3D videogames course with Rodrigo Lopez Arechiga, 2015 (Project Chicago Consulting Group and Mexico First, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Anatomical drawing workshop with Alexis Berny, 2003-2005 (CUAAM Project, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Scriptwriting for TV workshop with Alfonso Casas, 2004 (CUAAM Project, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

-Drawing class with Ricardo Clement 2002 (San Salvador, El Salvador)

-Painting workshop, 1993 (Art Centre La Mazorca, San Salvador, El Salvador)


-Art and Psychoanalysis: The transformative effects of creation, 2014 (IV SYMPOSIUM OF COMMUNITY AND CULTURE FEPAL, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)


-Professional Web design - Instructor: Carlos Arturo UDEMY

-Web Analytics with Google Analytics - Instructor: Raul Liñan UDEMY

-Strategic Facebook Ads - Instructor: Ivan Rojas UDEMY

-Introduction to digital illustration in Photoshop - Instructor: Christian Benavides UDEMY

-Client experience - Instructor: Francisco Servia CREHANA

-Social networks from scratch - Instructor: Eva Klobuznik CREHANA

-Strategy and planning for account managers - Instructor: Hugo Olaizola Leon CREHANA

-Email Marketing - Instructor: Jaume Cifre CREHANA

-Create Cartoon characters for videogames - Instructor: Michel Verdu CREHANA

-Logo design from scratch - Instructor: Castor Vera Carbajal CREHANA

-Content Marketing for Social Networks - Instructor: Gustavo Serrano CREHANA


-Advanced CSS and SASS - Instructor: Jonas Schmedtmann UDEMY

-Modern Javascript - Instructor: Fernando Herrera UDEMY

-DART - Instructor: Fernando Herrera UDEMY

-Digital painting Master Class - Instructor: School of Game Design UDEMY

-Complete English Course - Instructor: AbcEdu Online UDEMY

-Animation for illustrators in Photoshop - Instructor: Miguel Angel Camprubi CREHANA

-Illustrate your story in panels - Instructor: Mathias Sielfeld CREHANA

-Flat illustration: narrative infographics in Photoshop - Instructor: Victor Medina CREHANA

-Mixed traditional illustration techniques - Instructor: Rene Cordova CREHANA

-Adobe Illustrator: Be an expert in digital illustration - Instructor: Mr. Lemonade CREHANA

-SEO for local businesses in Google - Instructor: Llorenç Real CREHANA

-Design and creation of Art Toys - Instructor: Origen Peregrino CREHANA


Drawing / Illustration / Color / Painting / Digital Animation / Character Design / Scenery and Props Design / Concept Development / Multimedia / Web / APPS / Graphic Design / Scriptwriting / Digital marketing


Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Premiere / Adobe After Effects / SketchBook / LightWave


HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS / JS / WordPress / Visual Studio Code


AppSheet / Flutter / Dart


Cintiq / Intuos


Spanish / English


-Molusc, 2008-2020 / Illustration, Web pages, graphic design, character design, audiovisual production / México

-Animated shorts Project "Batallon 52", 2009 / character and scenery design / Mexico

-Reddere, 2003-2008 / Freelance in graphic design, website, 3D and technical support / Mexico

-Feature script about the life of "Miguel Gómez Loza", 2008-2009 / Writing / Mexico

-Personal teacher in basic 3D modeling, 2007 / Mexico

-Personal teacher in basic drawing, 2006 - 2007 / Mexico

-TV show "Dalmi", 2004 / Character and scenery design in 3D modeling / Mexico


-Book Fiestas de Yule, 2013, publishing house Viaje a la semilla / Illustration / Mexico

-Environmental NGO "Gotas verdes", 2013 / Design and Web programming / El Salvador

-Mural newspaper, christmas stories, 2011 / Illustration / Mexico

-"Halos and Gunsmoke", 2010 / character design sketches for comic / Canada

-Book of poems Y así te salva..., 2010, publishing house Pax / Illustration / Mexico

-Animation for Doritos’ contest "Open your mouth”, 2010 / character design and animation / Mexico

-Animation for ONU’s video contest in Youtube, 2009 / drawing and animation / winning short film in the competition / Mexico

-Environmental NGO "Gotas verdes", 2009 / logo design / El Salvador

-TV pilot "Segunda oportunidad", 2004 / Production / Mexico

-TV pilot "La universidad del ligue", 2004 / Production / Mexico

-Collaboration In college projects 2003-2007 / drawing, animation and multimedia / Mexico

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